We are proud to announce that articles published in the Agora Journal of Urban Planning and Design have now been re-published individually online, and are available in the Journal Article Archives section of our website. The articles have been republished by the University of Michigan’s Deep Blue program, allowing articles to be, for the first time, individually searchable via online search engines, and in a printer-friendly format.

This allows readers to search online and find Agora Journal articles based on keywords, subject language, or author names, without needing to sift through full Journal volumes. Authors can also now electronically share and link their articles individually.

“It’s exciting to be able to offer our Journal articles in this more search- and share-friendly format online now. We’re looking forward to seeing articles old and new spread to new audiences,” said Agora’s Editor-in-Chief, Taylor LaFave.

Until now, Agora Journal articles were only available in print, and could only be found online by finding the full volume of the Agora Journal on Issuu. Going forward, Agora plans to continue to publish full journal volumes on Issuu, in addition to publishing articles on Deep Blue.

The full archive of Agora Journal articles is in the Journal Article Archives section of our website. If you have any questions or comments about accessing Agora Journal articles, please contact Agora Director of Distribution, Dan Mihalov, at dmihalov@umich.edu.