'Where Are They Now?' features the words and wisdom of previous Agora staff as a thank you for their contribution to the journal. Without them - their leadership and their commitment - Agora would not be where it is today. In preparation for Preview Weekend Friday, March 28th, we invited them to share their story with Agora and with prospective students. We asked: What was most memorable about your experience with Agora? How did your role with Agora influence your career as a planner? If you could make one recommendation to the journal what would it be?

Carly Grob was part of the Agora 6 and Agora 7 team.  She is currently working as a planner with the Northeast Team of the San Francisco Planning Department in San Francisco, CA.

Agora exposed me to new ideas and gave me the opportunity to work with different people in the Taubman community, and to interact with people I may not have had the chance to otherwise. It was exciting to engage with my peers to help them to grow their work and share it with others, especially moving beyond the print journal into salons and blogs. Working for the Agora staff was a challenging experience, but as rewarding as it is to hold the final product in your hand, I’ve come to realize that the openness to ideas and communication skills I sharpened while on the staff are irreplaceable.

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